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About Us

Welcome to our website! It’s great that you found your way here! We are a vegan couple located in Helsinki, Finland. Now after over a year of being vegan, we got excited of doing a blog around that subject. The main themes of our blog are: veganism, health, ecology & ethics. In the blog we open our daily lives and our thoughts, which includes raw food, superfood, sports, interior design, renovation, DIY projects, photography, traveling, garbage picking and much more.

We believe that becoming vegan was one of our best decisions ever, although it can be also sometimes hard, even devastating at times. Everything has its pros and cons, even being vegan. Opening your eyes to cruelty and to the wrong, it hurts, but when you know you are involved in shaping the world for the better, you will experience a strong sense of importance of your life. We were not created to kill and torture animals, and not to destroy and pollute the environment. We are capable of much better. Although the world there is a lot of sadness, sorrow and injustice, we will go forward with the great love for animals, nature and one another. Love will always win.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Join us in our journey to a greener world!

In addition to Veganism, we are interested in ecological, ethical, organic and raw food, a healthy diet and exercise. We try to choose organic as much as we can and strive to increase the amount of raw food in our diet constantly. In our eco lives includes public transport, garbage picking, flea markets and organic natural cosmetics and detergents. Our home is a small 25 square meter studio apartment in Kamppi, Helsinki. Another great passion of ours is to travel the world, which is why for example one of the vegan dream cities Berlin, which is also like a second home to us, will most definitely become familiar within the blog.

We want to share all of our knowledge, our skills and our big excitement, for you too! We hope our blog will bring some interesting tips, tricks, a lot of joy, good mood and some new vegans to the world! Please share, laugh & enjoy. This is what our blog is for. Thank you.