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Naturally Nature

The old sauna in my childhood home needed uplift because the previous renovation was over 30 years old. Here are some thoughts about the renovation, and pictures of the result. Plus talk about zero waste lifestyle and eco cosmetics that we use in our daily life.

Products: Ekokauppa Ekolo and Real paleo cosmetics

The old pine surfaces were yellowed and stale, but they stayed on the walls, only being given new treatment with Uula’s mineral powder. The powder was suitable for the old sauna, and seemed to be the safest and most non-toxic option for treating sauna surfaces. In the renovation we wanted to save and respect the old building and its style. Why break down something that is still tidy and usable?

The white plastered brick wall had already been whitewashed so it was given only a new clean surface with water lime mixture made of lime powder itself. Ready made lime paints contain a lot of useless ingredients such as thickeners or preservatives to extend the shelf time and make painting easier and faster. However, health was more important than hurry when this renovation was made. In addition, the lime powder is also fairly zero waste as it´s packed in kraft paper. The surfaces of the benches were also treated with Uula water mineral mixture, with same color as the walls. The Old Concrete Floor brings roughnes to the space and is also very trendy at the moment, so its left like it was before.

Products: Ekokauppa Ekolo and Keramiikka Matami

The base of the interior was built of existing furniture that was painted with white, so they combined into a harmonious one. A white stool, painted white, was once found from trash, an old coat rack was built from old Ahti towel hooks and a piece of board. A small shelf is a kitchen cabinet that has been unpacked. Now all the old furnitures have new life and purpose and we didnt have to buy anything new to make this decoration; a stool can be used as a little side table, rack for towels & bags and shelf for cosmetics and other small items.

With some flowers or leafy green the space can reach its maximum potential. This time, natural decorations were found in from own yard.

Ben&Anna/ Ekokauppa Ekolon & Ruohonjuuri.

Natural materials, natural cosmetics and home- or near made are close to the heart, which is reflected in the textiles and other articles of this sauna. When using natural cosmetics products, unnecessary chemicals are left out, so you dont irritate your skin & body or pollute nature. Plus all the products in the pictures are plastic-free, minimizing the amount of waste and maximizing recyclability. In Europe just 30% of the plastic is recycled and globally only 9%. So we have to do something and fast.

If possible, we also try to choose near made products, so we know where they came from and maybe even who have made them. I think it´s an honor to own and use products whom manufacturer you may even know and support the neighborhood and people arround you and at the same time, guaranteeing their employment. Our family and friend circle has craftsmen and nature cosmetic producers. However, near made is not automatically a greener option. We recommend thinking about the whole and not just relying into the nice images.

Frantsila/ Ekokauppa Ekolo ja Ruohonjuuri

Sauna scents can be even dangerous, but when you use pure essential oils, they can even have curative properties. Spice up your sauna water or make a nice footbath.

Questions you can give to your self before buying new:

– Do I need this / Does the recipient need this?
– Can I make the product myself using something old and possibly broken?
-How much would I use this? Could I borrow if i dont need it so often?
– Is it environment friendly?
– Is the company’s values consistent with my own values?
-Is the product packed as little as possible? Could I get it also unpackaged or with less packaging?
– Is the product organic?
– Is the product a natural cosmetic?
– Is the product vegan?
-Is the product ethically produced (has paid a fair salary, and made by adults?
-Is the product produced as close as possible?
-Add, change, weigh your own values and make your list look like you.

Products: Ekokauppa Ekolosta, Keramiikka Matami and Tabitha Eve/
Hydro Phil/ Ekokauppa Ekolo

In some stores, the entrepreneur may have done most of the questions for you. We both have worked at Ekokauppa Ekolo, and can highly recommend this shops values. Most of the products in this photoshoot have been bought from there. Reason is simpe, because it is closest to our personal values if we compare Finnish food and cosmetics stores. It makes shopping easier and faster when your own and the companyes values are similar or have similarities. Ekolo eco shop is not entirely vegan or zero waste, but vegan products are marked separately on the price tags of the shelves, and we could quess that more than 90% of the products are vegan. There is also a wide range of zero waste products and its growing with the demand.

Argan oil is our long-lasting favorite as a facial moisturizer.
Georganics manufactures toothpaste packed in glass jars. YYou can also easily make your own. We have one recipe option in our instagram if your interested.
What an ammount of plastic producs are found from our homes that could be replaced with more ecological options.

Here, as in any previous post, there is no commercial cooperation. We bought and also borrowed some products for this photoshoot and returned them to Ekokauppa Ekolo and to my sisters company Keramiikka Matami after the shooting. We strive for zero waste lifestyle to minimize everything unnecessary and to acquire and use only the things we really need. By lending, we are able to avoid buying new products and also collecting unnecessary goods. We buy most of our goods from flea markets and collect usable stuff from the trash, waste bins and streets. Buying a new stuff is always the last option.

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Relaxing sauna moments! <3

June 23, 2019
Carrot Cake
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I am a 31 years old professional photographer. In addition, I occasionally work at and ecostore Ekokauppa Ekolo. I have been vegetarian 17 years & year ago I started as vegan. My hobbies include gym, food, traveling, renovating, interior decoration and gardening. My motto is: love without limits!