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Low Carb Keto Breads

Baking these tasty sweet breads is quick, but finding all ingredients especially in organic, plastic-free, and generally with the minimum amount of waste can be difficult. But it´s important to note that only 9% of the world’s plastic goes to recycling. In Europe, the figure is better, it’s aproximately 30%. The rest of the plastics end up burned, to landfills or in open water. When burned, plastic does not endanger nature or can not get stuck to the animal’s neck, but it causes emissions in the same way as driving a car.

The cheapest organic nuts and seeds are found in Ekokauppa Ekolo in Finland.  However, they don´t have all the flours that we use, so we have bought them from Punnitse & Säästä or It’s Pure stores. These two stores will give you an additional discount of -5% when collecting your purchases in your own containers or jars.

In smaller towns such as Turku, for example, finding zero waste products can be difficult, but thankfully we have online shopping possibility. Ekokauppa Ekolo packs ordered loose products (nuts, seeds, dried fruits) to recycled paper bags. Other option is to buy biodegradable packages like these new Cocovi products that are already found in well-stocked grocery stores. Cocovi’s packaging, however, looks heavier to manufacture and compost than recycled paper bags. Remember that posting your products will raise the carbon footprint also.

However, all the search is worth the trouble as these delicacies will be eaten immediately. Breads are suitable for vegans, ketogenic and gluten-free eaters.

Low Carb Keto Breads

1 dl of Flax seed flour

1 dl of Hemp Flour

1/2 dl Psyllium

1/2 dl of crushed Flax

1/3 dl Chia seeds

1 dl Mixed nuts and seeds


1ml Of salt

1ml Soda

1tbsp Vinegar

1 Jar (400ml) of coconut milk 

1 Mugs of seeds (sunflower, pumpkin and pine nuts, cashew, almonds …) We have tried different varieties and everything seems to fit into this recipe. The bigger nuts are good to crush before.

Mix all part 1. dry ingredients. After this add part 2 ingredients: salt and soda together and pour vinegar on them and mix them quickly with other ingredients. When sections 1 and 2 are mixed well add coconut cream and mix smoothly. Spoon up on the dough on the baking sheet, approximately 1cm thick and the size you like. We have noticed that the bread will become fluffier if you mix baking soda and vinegar before adding cream.

We also recommend to do only one dose at a time, this seems to affect the fluffines of the finished bread. Place the finished dough in to a cold oven and set it to 175 degrees. Breads are completed in an hour and the oven is not in use without a purpose.

We have also another idea to try the same recipe without heating the dough over 42 degrees (rawfood), so that all the nutrients are better preserved and the fats of the seeds and nuts wont be damaged. But we haven’t yet had the possibility to try it. 🙂

The above recipe is good, but if you don’t have some ingredients you can easily replace some of them and make different variations. Chia seeds, flax seeds  and psyllium bring the dough it’s hold, so some of those ingredients should be included in the recipe. However, not all is needed. Psyllium for example is much more expensive than chia or flax. The recipe can also be customized by what ingredients you can get plastic-free, so if you can´t get all the ingredients loose / plastic-free, take a challenge and develop a new recipe from the ingredients that you can have! 🙂

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