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Mint Chocolate Puffet Ice Cream

Ice Cream (for 4 people)


200g Mixed nuts
200g Dates
20g Cocoa powder
40g Cocoa beans
20g Cocoa butter
20g Hemp protein
10g Carob powder
10g Pea protein
10g Rice protein


1. Rinse nuts carefully and soak for at least 8 hours although this is not a necessary it is still recommended. It is also good to rinse the nuts again before use.

By soaking the nuts, its easier for your body to digest it. Un soaked nuts have enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, These two are disturbing metabolism and absorption of nutrients. When the nuts are soaked, most of these troublemakers go to their own paths.

2. Collect all the ingredients in the food processor and mix it into a smooth mass. You can use the machine until the mass begins to move with the blade. For the best ice cream, it is best to have as smooth dough as possible.

3. Divide the bulk into two parts. Apply one to the bottom of the container and leave the other half to wait for later spread over ice cream. Put both masses in the fridge to wait for the next step.

We recommend to make cookie as thin as possible so that the flavors come in proportion. Thinner cookie, fresher ice cream.

Our recipe contains the added proteins but you can also do it with out. If you are using nutritional supplements, and even if you are not vegetarian or vegan, we recommend using vegetable protein sources for versatility. We combine as many different proteins as possible into our own recipes, depending on the suitability of flavors.


Ice cream

270g Bananas
1dl Coconut milk
4ml Mint oil
2ml Macha
2ml Spirulina
1tbsp Tiger nut powder


4. Collect all the ingredients in the food processor and mix it into a smooth mass. Macha and Spirulina are healthy superfoods but in this recipe they are mainly  for giving color. Thats why they are not necessary in this recipe. If you use a fresh mint, you can get the taste and color in the same package.

5. Then pour the ice-cream on the biscuit and put it into the frozen for a while. Finally, put another layer of biscuit on to the ice cream. Now you have all the layer together. Finish the ice cream by freezing it before serving. Finally, cut the pieces of the ice cream cake or serve as it is.


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