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Raw Veggie Steaks

Heavily processed foods attract less and less with their poor nutritional value. Because they are often chopped, mashed, heated and often the same process is repeated. After so much processing, the food is only a gray dead mass and it may resemble meat, but it has nothing else to offer. That’s why we try to make more and more our foods from the beginning until to the end. There is also processing in this recipe, but its there for a reason. Nuts are soaked so we can get all the nutrients and its easier for us to digest. We blend all the materials together that we can make stakes out of it. Finally, the mass is formed into patties on a baking sheet and placed in a drier for about 11 hours. The dryer temperature is 42 degrees, so the digestive enzymes and nutrients are preserved. Dried veggie steaks can be kept in room temperature.

Raw Veggie Steaks

2 servings

– 300g Mixed Nuts (soaked in 8 hours)

– 160g Carrots

– 60g Broccoli

– 30g Raisins

– 25g Sun-dried tomatoes

– 25g Onion

– 15ml Hemp oil

Spices: garlic powder, juniper berries, black salt, tamar, rice vinegar & umeboshi.


Soak mixed nuts (8 hours). Afer rinse the soaked nuts and pour them into a food processor. Add the mix of carrots, broccoli, raisins, sun-dried tomatoes and onion and a pinch of hemp oil.

To make the mixing of the mass easier, you can soak the raisins and sundried tomatoes for a moment in water, to soften them before mixing in with the mass. Mix until you get the desired consistency.

Format the mass on a baking sheet for desired shaped patties. We used a mold to achieve a smooth result.

Place the baking sheet into the dryer and set the dryer timer for a period of 11 hours and the temperature to 42 degrees.

Serve with tomato pesto, grated carrots and crunchy sprouts and pumpkin seeds (soaked and dried).

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