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Salty Rawballs

Yay! We got our long awaited Sedona dryer. We are interested more and more raw food and you can set the exact temperature to this dryer. Rawfood is food that is not heated over 42 degrees so all the enzymes and nutrients will remain. When you eat raw food you have to eat less to get the same amount of nutritiens and all necessary building blocks of the day.

Here is the first salty rawfood recipe.

Salty Rawballs

2 servings

250g Mixed nuts (soaked 8h)
135g Carrots
25g Hemp seeds (soaked 8h)
20g Raisins
65g Sun-dried tomatoes

Cumin, paprika, coriander, garlic and onion powder, barbecue seasoning, pepper and a mixture of steak spices.

1. Put all the ingredients except spices in a food processor and let stir until smooth. If you like to have more texture ad one of the ingredients for example hemp seeds add at the end by hand. Sun-dried tomatoes are so hard that its good to soaked them a  moment before adding to the dough.

2. When the dough is ready ad spices in a small batches so you will get the desired result.

3. Roll small balls and place on a baking sheet. You can make this recipe with oven with lowest temperature. Dry these balls 11hours with 42 degrees.

In the picture buns are served with pasta zucchini, celery leaves, rosemary, avocado, tomatopesto, Tamarin (gluten-free) and rice vinegar. Mums!

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