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Gluten-Free Pizza

Gluten-free is the key word for us, and we wanted to try a simple and quick way to make pizza. Pea flour were not previously familiar for us, but we bought it last time from Ekokauppa Ekolo (Eco Store in Finland). To our surprise, the taste was not strong, at least not with the spices and it goes well with this recipe, even better than chickpea flour.

If you’re using a lot of flour, remember to change them every now and then so your body won’t have overload like we have done with many grains and gluten. Excessive use of grains and adding it to every product has caused almost all of us some kind of sensitization to gluten. We prefer rice flour, coconut, chickpea and now as a new pea flour. According to our understanding of these flours burdened by the intestine less than many others. In fresh baking, we use less flour at all, so the main use of flour is salty foods such as falafel, panning, or in the bottom of the pizza.

Gluten-Free Pizza

1-2 servings

1,5dl pea flour (Myssyfarmi)
1 dl water
Spices: onion flour, garlic, flour, turmeric, coriander, pepper blend (mill), caraway, curry and black salt (black salt gives a sulphur taste like egg when added to your food).

On the top:
Tomatopesto (Urtekram), organic nutritional yeast flakes (Naturata), mushrooms, avocado, tomato, fresh rosemary, pizza spice and a dollop of olive oil to give some moisture.


1. Mix the pea flour, water and spices. Pour into the pan and spread with a spatula. Wait until it gets dry and hardens so its easy to turn around.

2. Fry the mushrooms in coconut oil and season with salt, onion and garlic.

3. Spread the pesto and chopped avocado, tomato and mushroom pieces and on top of their nutritional yeast and rosemary. A splash of olive oil gives nice moisture on it.

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