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Berry Ginger Roseroot Smoothie


Rhodiola Rosea is Finland’s most famous natural adaptogen.

Adaptogens increase the body’s ability to adapt to internal and external stress, strengthen the immune system, the nervous system and various glands.

Nordic ginseng nickname received a Golden root (Rhodiola rosea), supports the nervous system and cognitive functions and contribute to the well-being of the mind.

Rose root effects come from the inside of the chemical compounds, rosa wine and salidroside. These active substances are the more powerful, the further north the plant is grown.

Adaptogenic effect of Rhodiola Rosea helps the body to adapt to varying conditions, curbs stress, balances the mind, promotes and supports the performance of physical fitness, as well as a beneficial effect on the heart and circulatory health.Ginger


Ginger contains substances that reduce pain and inflammation. It is said to be one of the best natural medicines a variety of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid against nurturing and promoting joint flexibility. Ginger is said to bite the flu, improve blood circulation, remove the fluid and reduce swelling, and much more…

Berry Ginger Roseroot Smoothie

2 portions

2 Bananas
15g ginger
250g frozen mixed berries (strawberry, black and red currant, blueberry,)
6dl Rice-coconut milk
2 dl of water
40 drops rose root extract

1 dl Rice Protein (optional, does not add to the flavour)

Mix all ingredients together in blender, pour into glasses and enjoy!

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