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Quinoa Hamburger

Quinoa hasn’t been so familiar to us in the past, but because of Berlin/ Germany it has become better known for us. It seems that they use it as much as we use oats in Finland. For us it´s specially good because its naturally gluten-free. If we use some grains its naturally gluten-free oats than and now also quinoa.

Quinoa has more protein than rice or other grains. It contains all nine necessary amino acids needed by the human in right proportions, which is rare in plant foods. When protein food is adequate or nearly adequate amounts of all the necessary amino acids, it is a good quality protein. The human required amino acids is 20, 11 of which your body is able to produce their own. The remaining nine it will have a make by its self.

For vegans, this information is important for a limited number of plants has all the essential amino acids. However, we can achieve a combination of benign composition of different plant products. E.g. nuts and legumes in need of essential amino acids to be supported by the grain, and thus they together form the necessary overall.

In addition to the protein quinoa is high in dietary fiber, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.

Quinoa Hamburger

2 dl of dry quinoa (400g cooked)
4 small carrots (230g)
85g Broccoli (frozen)
200g Chickpea flour
6pcs sun-dried tomato slices

Spices: curry, pepper blend (from the mill), garlic, onion, pepper, barbecue spice mix, cumin, coriander and black salt.

Rinse the quinoa and cook for 2 dl. Coffee time varies depending on the desired end result. Boiling oneself was a low heat for 20 minutes when the lively just a minute of time to quickly pack. Later Looking at the instruction was porridge. Next time I’ll try certainly half a shorter time because I would like steaks, the more quinoa composition.

Rinse the quinoa after boiling and pour into a food processor flushed with carrots and broccoli, as well as with the sun kikhernejauhon tomaattisiivujen.

If you want more texture you can add carrots in the end for example, or throws in a few hazelnut.

in the middle of these two stakes we have avocado, tomato, nori seaweed paper sprouts and Urtekram pesto sauce.

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I am a 31 years old professional photographer. In addition, I occasionally work at and ecostore Ekokauppa Ekolo. I have been vegetarian 17 years & year ago I started as vegan. My hobbies include gym, food, traveling, renovating, interior decoration and gardening. My motto is: love without limits!