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Sushi For Two

I tried to make sushi for the first time in my life. I made a few taste tests and the recipe below became my favorite. I didn’t almost find organic sushi rice, it was a challenge! Until I found it at last from Ekolo. The brand I found there was named Arche Organic.

Dried Nori seaweed and bamboo mats used for wrapping can be found cheapest at the basic grocery store, at least here in Finland.

If I have understood right, seaweed is always vegan without any special labelling about it, in the same manner as grains. Organic dried Nori seaweed we have not seen yet.


Sushi rolls for 2 persons

1,5dl Sushi rice (Arche)
1 pkg Pulled Oats
1 pkg Nori papers
1 Zucchini
A few of Jerusalem artichoke
Violife smoked vegan cheese
Some rice vinegar & Tamari sauce

Boil rice for 10 minutes. Rinse the rice and pour it into a mixing bowl. Add the rice wine vinegar and gluten-free Tamari sauce as well as Himalayan salt.

Slice the Jerusalem artichoke and the potato into thin slices with the cheese slicer. heat pan with the coconut oil and add the artichoke and potatoes to the pan and fry for a moment so that the surface turns brown. Finally, add the spices: Himalayan salt, turmeric, curry, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin and coriander.

As the sauce was: Coconut oil / -cream sauce with spices: Turmeric, curry, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, coriander and Himalayan salt.

Spread the rice on the Nori paper occasionally. Not too much, because in this recipe was only serving portions of 1,5 dl for two. Sprinkle the Pulled Oats here and there, as also the potato, artichoke chips and zucchini pasta or thin shredded zucchini (pasta made with vegetable spiralizer) and violife smoked cheese. Roll up and enjoy with Tamari soy sauce.


January 17, 2017
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I am a 31 years old professional photographer. In addition, I occasionally work at and ecostore Ekokauppa Ekolo. I have been vegetarian 17 years & year ago I started as vegan. My hobbies include gym, food, traveling, renovating, interior decoration and gardening. My motto is: love without limits!