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Homey Mushroom Balls

The idea of making these mushroom balls started from interest to vegan Fodmap diet. The diet where many of the main ingredients known to vegans are prohibited, as this diet limits the intake of poorly absorbable carbohydrates that cause many stomach problems. These include: lentils, beans, nuts and seeds but also many root vegetables, fruits and mushrooms.

These delicious mushroom balls are made from King Oyster, but quess you can replaced them with almost any mushroom if you don´t have food limitations.

This time the recipe is indicative, because we would like every reader to try and be enthusiastic about cooking for themselves and their relatives. Each of us has different taste and daily dietary needs, so it would be good to prepare food according to your own intuition.

We have noticed that the interest in cooking goes down when you start measuring the incredients for recipes, it also disappears when you follow the recipes of someone else too precisely. The food also tastes quite different if you are doing a recipe and measure all the incredients or if you are doing it just for fun and listening your instincts in the moment.

Cooking can be difficult if you have not done it before, or you have done it rarely. Everything in life requires a little practice and after a few times, you start learning the flavors and fragrances of the different ingredients and gradually combining them into your own taste palettes.

When you know what is in your food and the ingredients are fresh and authentic and not just preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial colors and flavors that cheat your instincts, your body begins to tell you what you really need to get the daily nutrients.

Recipe for 2 people

–1000ml chopped mushrooms
-750ml chopped mushrooms
-250ml Organic Banana Peels (2pcs)

– Mix chopped mushrooms or mushrooms and banana peels together in blender or food processor.
– If you use banana peels remember to use organic and wash them before use.
-Press all the water out through the net bag or fabric.
Add some protein powder if you like. We used the germinated hemp protein powder from Hamppumaa.
– For flavoring, we used coriander, cumin, dried chives and salt.
– If you want to give them a little color you can ad some Tamari sauce.

Coconut cream, tamar sauce, pepper mix, dried chives and salt.

700g of boiled broccoli
200ml coconut cream
4ml Himalayan salt
some coconut oil

-Blend well but leave some small texture to make mouthfeel more interesting.

1 big potato
1ml Vivomixx
Ferment at room temperature minimum 12h
Season: fresh chives, dill, onion stalks, salt, lemon, and if you want, rinse with vinegar.

Cucumber, radish, leaf parsley and coriander.

-Drain the cucumbers (cheese slicer) into thin slices.
– Mix water and vinegar in a glass. Measure and mix to your taste. Vinegar is not the best friend for your teeth so the lighter the mixture, the better for your teeth.
-Spice, if you want, with dill, a wine grape leaf, mustard seeds and salt + if you use with something sweet. We would recommend dates
-Let it absorb at least 12 hours.

Enjoy cooking, the smell of pure raw incredients, finding new flavors, presentation and of course eating, make good memoryes with good food and loved ones. <3

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I am a 31 years old professional photographer. In addition, I occasionally work at and ecostore Ekokauppa Ekolo. I have been vegetarian 17 years & year ago I started as vegan. My hobbies include gym, food, traveling, renovating, interior decoration and gardening. My motto is: love without limits!