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Chocolate Ice Cream

First we want to thank Carrots restaurant for the inspiration. They had in their menu a tree ingredients chocolate ice cream and we loved it so we wanted to do our own version of it.

We are delighted that the basic food stores have now Finnish vegan ice creams, for example some from 3 Kaverin jäätelöt. Some other new ones are also from, Jymy, which now produces also vegan organic ice creams, and there are also vegan ice creams from the S Ryhmä and K-Kauppa. There are also vegan ice creams you can buy from Ruohonjuuri and Ekokauppa Ekolo. In addition to Finnish ice creams, there are also some foreign options such as swedish brand Oatly.

Unfortunately, many vegan ice creams still have all forms of sugar and syrups, and much more, such as emulsifiers, stabilizers and carrageenan. Yes, in a way dates are also sugar and therefore it would not be good to eat them absurd amounts. However, it is important to eat the sugars as naturally as possible, giving you more than just pure sugar.

Fresh fruits are the best sweeteners, followed by: dried fruits, dried stevia leaf (in green form), syrups (agave, maple), brown sugar (coconut, indian) and the last, or the worst alternative is white sugar.

This delicacy contains no more than three naturally occurring raw ingredients, and there are also three different variations. Eat as it is, freeze or dry. Yummy!

Chocolate Ice Cream

4dl coconut cream
30 dates
30ml raw cocoa powder


1. Pour the cream into the mixer, cut the dates with scissors into half. With this technique you will also see if there are any random seeds in the dates that may break the machine. Finally, add the raw cocoa powder and blend the ingredients together into a smooth mass.

2. Pour the prepared mass into the container and put it in the freezer. The most hungriest chefs may eat the mousse and forget about the freezing. The easiest way is to make ice cream in the evening and enjoy the next day. The temperature of freezers varies, but more than one hour does go anyway. When you make ice cream in the evening, you will save yourself from many unnecessary freezer door opening.

If you want to decorate an ice cream or your candy tooth needs to be satisfied even more, another option is to make the same recipe in the food dehydrator and it will become chocolate caramel.

Chocolate Caramel


1. Pour the cream into the mixer, cut the dates with scissors into half. At the same time, check if there are any seeds that may break the machine. Finally, add raw cocoa powder and blend the ingredients together into a smooth mass.

2. Pour the mass into a greaseproof paper and place in the food dehydrator for about 8 hours. The easiest way is to make it in the evening and let the dryer do its job overnight. The temperature in the dryer is 42, so the nutrients and enzymes of the food are preserved, but the same recipe can certainly easily be produced also in the oven.

3. Cut the finished sheets even into squares or rolls and cut into pieces.

The pictures were decorated with the instructions chocolate caramel , ganefryd rawbars, cocoa beans, cocoa powder, fresh figs, dates, star anis and cinnamon sticks.

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