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Daily Green Smoothie

After becoming vegan, also raw food has become one of our interests. Raw food is food which is not heated more than 42 degrees. Thus, nutrients and enzymes remain in our food better and the food is more rich in nutrients and more alkaline. When the food is rich in nutrients we need to eat less, and the less we eat, the less we wear down the environment and our bodies. Also we slow down the aging process and will avoid diseases.

PH balance of the body is measured by the pH scale, which ranges from 1 to 14. If the value is less than 7, that means an acidic and a value of greater than 7, that means alkaline. Diseases arise as a result of acidification of our organism. The ideal is thus a slightly alkaline state.

Smoothies are easiest to make in the raw food category, after drinking it, you will feel the freshness and vitality in your body. If you feel tired and stuffy from all the heavy dishes, or after a long hard day, a green smoothie brings you back to life.

From fruits you get easily enough sweetness to the smoothie, but mixing together vegetables with fruit interferes with the absorption of food and the optimal melting. If you want to follow this advice, then leave out from the recipe the pear and kiwi. The reason for your digestive problems is in fact that your stomach needs a different environment for every different ingredient to digest the materials. Vegetables require an acidic environment and fruits alkaline. In addition, we use different enzymes to defrost fruit and vegetables. The difference between fruit and vegetables is for example their carbohydrate and protein content. The same digestive problem therefore applies, in fact all meals because we are used to mix carbohydrates and proteins in general with each other.

The Daily Green Smoothie

1-2 pieces of kale leaves

1 bar celery

3 spinach cubes (frozen cubes)

5 broccoli cubes (frozen pieces)

1 tablespoon Aloevera drink

1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar

4g turmeric (a small piece)

4g ginger (small piece)

2 teaspoons Green Powder (Pukka Clean Greens)

4g lemon peel and a squeeze of lemon juice

1 tablespoon Hemp oil (oil appears to help the digestion of food and contains essential omega fatty acids 3-6 and 9)

1/2 tsp Coconut water (Puhdistamo)

1 green apple

1 pear

1 Kiiwi

The water according to the result you want, more thick or thin.

Blend everything together with a powerful blender, and voilà, the smoothie is ready to be served.

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