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Mint Chocolate Protein Rawballs

Easily and quickly prepared rawbars & balls are a great way to move away from the basic candy to a much healthier delicacy. In these rawballs there isn’t almost any other ingredients than dates, raw chocolate, nut mix and mint oil.

In the majority of store bought proteinbars are added either artificial sweeteners, sugar or syrups. The date base provides more than enough sweetness to the bars. In fact, doing it by yourself, you will save half of the price of the store bought bars, although the initial investment in a food processor might stings at first.

We make our rawbars with the Magimix food processor, which is capable of making raw bars, grated vegetables, vegan steak mixtures etc. Almost anything you can imagine, it will do. Only the sky is the limit!

Mint Chocolate Protein Raw Balls

1-2 servings

100g nuts (soaked)
50g dates
3 tl rice protein powder
3 tl hemp protein powder
3 tl raw unsweetened chocolate powder
3 tl chocolate nibs

A touch of vanilla and himalayan salt & that’s it!

Mix everything together, shape the dough into nice little balls and put them in the fridge in a container of your choice. After a couple of hours they are ready to eat.

Sometimes we might start to eat them before even putting them in the fridge, whoops. They are just so good! Can’t help it.

Enjoy the gooey amazingness!

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